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6 Sexting Tips For Married Couples

6 Sexting Tips For Married Couples

6 Sexting Tips For Married Couples

Do you know why sexting can make sex hotter? It is because sexting feeds your brain with sexual fantasies. It is a masturbatory aid that happens directly in your brain. As a married people, sexting is one of the ways you can spice up your sex life. It is not only for teenagers, it is for all people in a relationship.

Busy schedule and have no time for sex? Don’t worry, these sexting tips can make you excited to go home and rip your partner’s clothes:

  1. Send sexts in unexpected time.

Feeling tired and unmotivated? The best way to instantly kick yourself back in is to send your spouse unexpected risqué sex messages in unexpected time. You can send messages an hour or 30 minutes before you leave the office, or just when you think you need a break from your tiring day. You’ll never know, your spouse might be into it as well.

  1. Keep those flirty messages coming.

When you do sexting with your spouse, do it spontaneously until the both of you cannot hold it anymore. Tell your spouse the things you like the most when you are on bed, the things you will do to him and the silly sexual acts you secretly desire. Our brain is the biggest sex organ we have. Feeding it with sexual desire and thoughts will drive your libido.

  1. Don’t tease unless you plan to deliver.

Sexting is considered as part of foreplay. Sex is already happening once you start exchanging sexual messages to each other. Sex is already happening in your brain and it is hard to stop, so don’t tease unless you plan to deliver because if you don’t, fun will turn to disappointment and frustration.

  1. State the obvious.

Nobody wants to be frustrated or disappointed. The reason why you’re sending sexts is because you want something to happen later at night. Be straightforward by saying you want your spouse tonight when the kids are already on bed. Or something like, you want to have some creamy pie dessert after dinner. Compulsive messages like these tickle minds which result to adrenaline rush. If adrenaline rush is present, prepare to go wet and wild.

  1. Send sexy photos.

A nice and naughty way on how to seduce your spouse is by sending sexy photos like your lacy undies, your sexy boobs, or photo of you in front of a mirror hiding your private parts. Make your spouse drool over you by sending sneak peak photos. Tell him/her your hot stuff are waiting to be explored.

  1. Send your spouse illustrations of new sex positions you discovered.

Sex positions with images are another way of arousing your spouse. Tell her/him you want to try the newest sex positions you had discovered. You might have many sex positions you haven’t tried, this is your best way and chance to introduce them to your spouse. Tell them that you think both of you will love the new sex position you just discovered and will love to do it tonight.

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