Blondes vs. Redheads: Which Do Men Prefer To Have Sex With?

In 1953, a movie called “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” was released. It starred one of the most beautiful, sensuous and loved blonds in the world. Her name was Marilyn Monroe, and she helped make blond women some of the most desired. Since that movie, the public’s affection for blond women has continued. Men and women continue to fantasize about having sex with blond haired females. However, redheads have also become the object of people’s sexual desire. Although you have brunettes to throw in the mix, the focus of this is on blondes vs. redheads. Which of the two do men prefer to have sex with?

The question largely depends on who you ask. Like all things, people have their own preference and choice. It is part of why you have so many different types of music, clothing, foods and everything else. Still, experts have tried to come up with reasons and proof when it comes to blonds vs. redheads. Some when as far as using science, research and other studies to make their point. Generally, blond women have always been thought of as dumb. Such stereotype is one most people connect women of yellow color hair to. In part, that is the way you see them portrayed in mainstream movies and TV shows. Instead of their brains, their hot and sexy bodies are their biggest appeal. This is also the case for blonde girls in porn videos.

You can find gazillions of those showing salacious and gorgeous blonde-haired women having all kinds of sex. These beautiful babes light-up the screen with their attributes and hair. After all, when it comes to sex, people don’t really care about how smart a girl is when she is fucking. All that matters are how hot and titillating her body and she is. Interestingly enough, the blond girls or hot blond women category is highly popular. Men and women from all parts of the world spend hours looking at blond girls in porn videos.

At the same time, redheads have their own stereotypes to deal with. For instance, redheads are thought of being bad-tempered or wild. Just like their nemesis, redhead porn videos are extremely faved by people who enjoy adult content. A few of them show them being innocent as they are fucked. Others characterize them as being horny, wild and full of sexual appetite. Young redheads or ginger teens as they are also called, get tons of attentions in porn videos.

Overall though, the consensus appears to favor blond women. In general, they receive much more attention from males than women whose hair color is different. However, they do so for reasons which are not what some may think. In a study done, researchers wanted to know how a woman’s hair color contributed to the attention she got. They set up experiments to see what kind of responses girls received from men according to whatever hair they had. Blond women were approached at higher rates than brunettes, black-haired women or redheads. Blonds obtained about 43% more attention than brunettes. In addition, they managed to get 85% more than redheads.

The research also found that women who were blond, received more tips from men than other girls with different color hair. But, none of this prove that men did it because they were complimenting the blonds. On the contrary, the men surveyed said that brunettes and redheads, were seen as more confident. That meant that for the males, they saw the blond women as easier targets. Interestingly enough, straight women had a different take on men. They preferred males who had brown hair as opposed to blond males. Part of that was because women saw blond men as unreliable and unable to commit.

Some believe that blond haired women are seen as more exciting and sexier. It may help explain why there are much more blond porn videos than those of with redheads. Of course you also have to take into consideration that yellow hair is a lot more common than red. Still, the word blond bombshell has been around for some time now. It adds to the perception of how men and women see these sex vixens. When it comes to pornography, the clear winner appears to be blond women.

In part, that goes back to the one of the reasons stated earlier. That overall, you have more girls with blond hair than those with red hair. Keep in mind that homemade porn videos are extremely popular. Most of these amateur porno films, are recorded by the participants themselves. In most cases, many of the women seen on these movies are blonds. That explains why you see more blonds in porn videos than any other.

Luckily, when it comes to pornography, you don’t have to pick one over the other. Irrespective of which you prefer, the content is available for you to choose. So whether you want to see redhead porn videos, blond girls fucking or both, you can find either easily.